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How to set up Google alerts and use them to grow your business
If you want to keep track of mentions of your name, company or competitor, this can be set using Google alerts, or Google alerts. How to use Google alerts? You…

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Is a blogger a profession?
Today hardly waited for the afternoon to look at the new figures. Up by two seven hundred. Already not impressive, I want to jump over hundreds of thousands of users…

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What are 4G networks and what advantages do they give us?
Now it’s hard for us to believe that recently parents let their children go out all day without a mobile phone, and tourists fearlessly went on a wild trip without…

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Why does your site load for a long time?

Remember how often you get annoyed when you go to And the point here is not at all that you do not like to communicate on social networks or simply have something against the site’s management. Not at all, the whole problem is that you can have time to drink 5 cups of tea before the page of this resource loads in the browser.
No matter how good, informative, and useful the site may be, it needs to work quickly. If this requirement is not met, in most cases the resource will lose its visitors, who will prefer a less high-quality, but faster portal, in return. Therefore, I would like to talk about the reasons for the slow operation of your resource, so that later you can move on to methods to eliminate these causes. Continue reading

How to speed up your site?

It’s awful to realize that the success of the site, the pages of which you filled with all kinds of information, decorated with a lot of pictures, enlivened with java scripts, may be at risk due to its slow loading in the browser. But what if you just need every element of your web pages, every picture and every java-script is expensive.
That’s about it, namely about ways to speed up, optimize your site, I suggest today to talk. In my last article on this topic, we determined that the duration of loading the pages of your site in the browser is determined by the number of requests that it generates and the duration of the execution of these requests. We will not delve into this topic again, but proceed directly to tips on speeding up your site. Continue reading

Social networks: plus, minus, anyway?

The most famous of them in Russia are VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and the international Facebook, each of which has its own user group. If VKontakte is more popular among children and youth, but recently it has been actively developing among other age groups, then Odnoklassniki, once leading among an adult audience, are noticeably losing ground. “Facebook” is most often used to communicate with friends from other countries.
Pros How can one explain the growing popularity of social networks? First of all, of course, this is unlimited communication. Talking with friends from all over the globe without leaving your home limits only the cost of Internet traffic. Continue reading

Why do thematic sites bring more money?

As a rule, such owners declare as keywords the most popular topics: e-books, making money on the Internet, useful links, and some of their personal interests. So what’s wrong with that? Nothing bad. But no use. Previously, such pages were called the Home page, or “hamster.”
They remained so now. Because, apart from the author and owner of such a site, this is of no interest to anyone. There are very simplified options. For example, a site with your personal photos. If the author created it so that all friends and acquaintances had the opportunity to admire them, then no problem. Continue reading

Mozilla Firefox What extensions can be added to the browser?

Mozilla Firefox without add-ons is a rather boring and uninteresting browser, not impressive either in speed or functionality. However, after installing additional plug-ins, it turns into a super-harvester that brings real pleasure when working on the Web. Installing add-ons is quite simple.
Go to the “Tools” menu, then open the “Add-ons” and click on the “Get Extensions” tab. You can search in your favorite, recommended add-ons or click on the “View all add-ons” link and select everything you need there, you can enter the name of the desired add-on in the search bar.
There are several thousand additions for all occasions for any purpose, new ones are created every day. But you should not get involved in them, a large number of installed plugins will slow down the browser. Continue reading

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