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What every web designer should know and be able to not face the dirt
He must clearly understand with what tools and methods it is possible to realize even the craziest idea of ​​the customer, because web design is not just a graphic design…

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6 signs of failed logos
Any organization, large or small, needs a logo to distinguish and set unique attributes. However, not every business makes a normal logo. There are a number of common mistakes in…

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Social networks: plus, minus, anyway?
The most famous of them in Russia are VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and the international Facebook, each of which has its own user group. If VKontakte is more popular among children and…

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Why write programs for smartphones? To open new horizons!

Who doesn’t have a smartphone today? Probably, only the lazy and burnt conservative, who is so stuck to his pipe that there is no urine to part with it. The intrusion of smartphones into the markets does not stop until conventional phones become a thing of the past.
Smart phones are no longer a matter of pride and jealousy. A smartphone, especially for young people, is an item from the must have category. Along with the development of mobile technologies, programming for the corresponding operating systems (OS) is developing. And not surprisingly: for this you only need desire and certain software. For a smart phone with Android OS, writing a program is easier than for a fashion iPhone. But the question is not complexity, but necessity. Continue reading

How to create your first video tutorial?

Before I begin to answer the question: “How to create your first video lesson?”, I want to explain who my material is intended for. And this is reasonable, since this topic may not interest everyone. At least at the time of reading this article.
To begin with, due to global computerization and the development of the Internet in Russia, interest in information posted in video format has grown significantly. It was not small before, but now, after the speed of information transfer on the Internet has increased, the demand for video files has become simply huge. Of course, most users of the World Wide Web are interested in downloading films, computer games, and tutorials for free. But there are people, and there are many of them who look at such prospects much more broadly. Continue reading

But what if the DropBox features are lacking?

And this is not the only advantage. Once you set up synchronization of your data with an Internet flash drive, you can no longer worry about it – everything will happen automatically. Compare this with a physical flash drive, to which you need to copy your documents, then remove, carry somewhere, paste … It is not surprising that DropBox has become megapopular and spawned a lot of clone services. To attract users, they offer better conditions and new opportunities. And all this is only at hand for us! Competition is good.
It forces firms to give consumers more useful things for less money. Moreover, in this case, “less money” may mean complete free. Lepota! So, I present a service for saving and synchronizing SugarSync data! How does he stand out from the competition? Yes, almost nothing. Unless in some little things. Continue reading

Are there many differences between different navigation programs?

The market for navigation software is full of programs for various operating systems. It is believed that the versions of one program for different platforms are absolutely identical. But it is not so. We will talk about the little things and technical nuances of implementing popular navigation programs in this article.
Navigation programs differ:
1. The platform (the operating system for which it was developed). Developers strive to make navigation programs, focusing simultaneously on several different platforms. Continue reading

What is a tablet for?

What is a tablet for? In order to “move away” from real life further and further. If earlier we were lost in the wilds of the Internet only in the office or at home, now we do it anywhere and in any free minute. And it is likely that soon these free moments in modern man will not remain at all.
But this is only one side, the negative, so to speak … Why do I need a tablet, if my husband swears because of it that there is little time left for household chores, and children run around the house idle, and the mother-in-law constantly mutters that I am a bad housewife ? But I do everything precisely thanks to the tablet. Continue reading

How to analyze and evaluate the blog’s contribution to business sales. HOSTiQ Experience
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Web Layout 101: How to Get the Most Out of the Top Right
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The Importance of Visual Context in Web Design
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What could the Internet become in the future?
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