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Promotion of mobile games – decoding of terms and abbreviations

The gaming market, especially the mobile gaming market, is one of the most powerful and profitable trends in the world. We have made an updated dictionary for those who are starting to dive into this topic.

Some terms intersect with other areas – for example, return on investment (ROI) is everywhere understood the same. But there are unique concepts that are found only in game marketing.

Most Popular Contextual Advertising Terms – Explanatory Dictionary for Dummies

Search Promotion – A Dictionary of English Terms and Abbreviations
Also in our blog you can find a dictionary of SEO terms and a dictionary of contextual advertising.

Strategic Metrics
ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) – the average income of your company from each client. The formula is as follows:

ARPU = total revenue / number of customers

– among which there may be both loyal to you and simply “sleeping”.

ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User) is the same as ARPU, but only paying and loyal customers are taken into account here.

ROI (Return on Investment) – an indicator of return on investment. ROI formula:
return on investment – investment size / investment size * 100%

ROI is one of the most important metrics in marketing and business. For example, if we are talking about the fact that each installation of a mobile application or game (the cost of attracting a new user) is quite expensive for you – you should look, first of all, at the ROI. If the return on investment is positive, you can try to carefully optimize the cost of installations, but the main task has already been completed. It’s not a fact that while cutting costs nothing will break and ROI will remain the same.

CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) – the cost of attracting a paying user.

LTV (Life Time Value) – the average duration of the “life” of the paying user.

ChR (Churn rate) – outflow of users / number of uninstalls.

Infrastructure concepts
Store (s) or markets – application stores. The largest and most desirable by all – of course, Google and Apple markets. But large manufacturers of smartphones have their own platforms – for example, Xiaomi Store, Samsung Store and so on. In the Asian market, alternative markets are even more developed.
How to Promote a Mobile App – ASO Quick Guide
ASO (App Store Optimization) – promotion of the application in the tops of Google Play or the App Store. A peculiar analogue of SEO, only in the mobile field. ASO includes a set of works, which, with an adequate approach, allows you to receive organic (free) traffic and settings later on: selecting keywords by which the application can be found, optimizing texts, icons, promotional videos, and so on. The Netpeak blog had a detailed article on ASO.

Soft launch (soft launch) – testing your game and promotion strategy for a “live” audience before the main, loud launch. Usually traffic of several thousand people is involved, and based on their interaction with the game, conclusions and corrections are made. Then the soft launch can be repeated.

Influencers – bloggers, streamers, owners of YouTube and Instagram-accounts and accounts on social networks, which are followed by the audience you need.

Trial – a free period during which you can “feel” the game.

Lets play – passing the game by a streamer for an external viewer.

IAP – in-game payments. One way to monetize games.

Marketing terms
Reach is the total number of people who see your marketing activities in a particular channel.

Customer Journey – a potential customer’s path to buying your product. It includes all consumer interactions with the organization. This also includes the concept of Customer Journey Map or a user’s travel map – this is the study and fixing of existing customer paths / their correction / or the creation of a completely new path.

Analogs or synonyms for CPM are User Story or User Scenario. In general, the essence of these terms is the same: to understand how a person is looking for commercial products similar to yours in order to “catch” his eyes at the right time and place.

KPIs are key performance indicators for any marketing activity.

Fraud – useless traffic that scammers “pour” on your marketing activities in order to simulate the implementation of KPI and get money from you.

Retention Rate – The percentage of user returns to your ad or site.

A / B test – testing two or more options for which of them gives a higher conversion. For example, one user who finds a game in the store displays one version of the icon, and another shows another; then the results are summarized. Sometimes even an improved icon alone allows you to raise sales up to 20 times.

Split-test (split-tests) – an analogue of A / B-tests. This term is more often used when advertising on Facebook is launched. The principle is the same: show the target audience two (or more) versions of ads in which there is only one difference – for example, the headline. Then a more effective ad goes to work and some other change is tested.

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