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How to set up Google alerts and use them to grow your business

If you want to keep track of mentions of your name, company or competitor, this can be set using Google alerts, or Google alerts.

How to use Google alerts? You need to enter a word or phrase, and at any mention of it on the Internet you will receive a notification about this by mail.

how to set up google alerts for business

Tracking mentions of your business or brand can help with link building, brand development, partnership.

Google Alerts is a free tool that works well for beginners.
To set up Google alerts:

Go to
Enter the search term you want to track. Google alerts will show a preview of the results as you type.
Click on “More options” under the search field:
Choose how often you want to receive alerts: once a day, as results appear, or once a week.
Choose the source of alerts: internet, blogs, news. If you are not sure, leave the default field – auto selection.
Choose your language and country.
Choose how many results you want to see – all, or only the best.
Select the mail where Google will deliver alerts.
Select Create Alert.
Here’s an example of a Google alert that tracks Corgi dog mentions:

Example Corgi Dog Alerts Example

Let’s look at a few ways to use Google alerts.

Keep track of your brand mentions without links
People sometimes mention your brand without a link, simply by writing its name. A name is good, but not enough. Need a link because links help you rank on Google. Therefore, you need to get as many high-quality links as possible if you care about SEO optimization.

Links help people navigate sites on the Internet. If brand mentions are without links, it will be more difficult for readers to reach your site. If they really want to, they will, of course, look for your brand in a search engine. But most people will not want to strain like that and will never come to your site.

With references to the brand without a link, you are halfway to success. The author already knows who you are, and you usually need a little effort to turn this mention into a link.

But first you need to find brand references without links – you can do this with Google alerts.

Set up Google alerts for any brand-related terms. You will receive an email where Google will show you new brand mentions on the Internet.

Do not stop at one alert. Set up many Google alerts for all brand related terms.

When you receive a notification about new mentions, check the code of the site from which you received the mention. To do this, right-click on the page, select the view page source option and search for the site name using the CTRL / CMD + F command.

If there are no results, then the author did not link to your site. Therefore, consider contacting him and asking him to add a link. More information on turning brand mentions into links

Even if your brand is always referenced, you can join the discussion or use the mention as an opportunity to build a relationship with the author. For example, if someone mentions you and gives you a link, it is worth commenting on this post and thanking the author. You can even contact him by mail, if appropriate.

Also track negative reviews about your business. If your company is often mentioned, it’s easy to skip negative reviews. Therefore, to track reviews about you, you can use the following formula: [company name] + intitle: reviews

Track competitors
Spying on competitors is useful – you can spy on them with marketing techniques that you can use in your business.

For example, your competitors are engaged in guest blogging and actively promote content.

In addition, if the site mentions a competitor and refers to it, they may also be not opposed to referring to you. You only need to understand the reason why they refer to a competitor in order to use this.

You can also track pages that mention several of your competitors, but not you. Here, for example, how such an alert might look for MailChimp:

Competitor Alert Example

If the site mentions many competitors, but does not include you, this is your chance to introduce yourself and your business to the owner of the site.

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