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10 word of mouth tactics for business

Word of mouth is when customers share brand information with friends and family. In other words, this is free advertising.

According to a Nielsen study, 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of friends and family more than any marketer. Therefore, if you have made a customer happy, he will most likely share it with family and friends – and will make you free advertising.

We’ll tell you about 10 tactics that a business should use for a successful word of mouth.

Word of mouth and 10 tactics for business

Questions to ask yourself:

What is your brand about?
What are the values ​​of your brand?
What does your product or service do?
How can he help people?
A deep understanding of the brand and mission will help present your products and services so that customers like them.

Brand example
In 1880, George Eastman founded Kodak with a very simple and ambitious message: photography should be as easy as using a pencil.

Kodak has followed this vision in its product development strategy. And as we know, she managed to do what she swung at.

How to use storytelling for a brand
Explore competitors
If you know your competitors, you can be one step ahead. You need to understand the scope of the activity or the problems that face it. It is important to determine what your competitors are offering as solutions to these problems.

Ask yourself these questions:

What can you do better than your competitors?
How do they differ from you, and how can you use it to your advantage?
Do they have weaknesses that you can take advantage of?
When you analyze your competitors, you can determine what they are doing right and what mistakes they are making. This will allow you to strengthen the tactics of word of mouth marketing.

Brand example
Lush sells cosmetics. They are rebuilt from competitors by selling organic products and cultivating a responsible attitude towards ecology and animals.

Competitor Monitoring Tools

Learn the audience to make a product for her
One of the most important factors for successful word-of-mouth marketing is a good understanding of the audience.

To get to know your customers better, try these 60 ways.
Use exclusivity
People want what they don’t have. If you offer exclusive access to a product or service, this can be an effective way for word-of-mouth marketing.

When you launch a new product or service, do not make them accessible to everyone. Instead, invite opinion leaders to try it out on an exclusive basis. They can give valuable feedback and invite other opinion leaders to also try your service. So the product can become viral.

Brand example
This tactic was effective for the Spotify music service and the ModnaKasta clothing store — people could access the service only by invitation.

How to make product launch exclusive
Find your uniqueness
For your brand to deserve attention, there must be something memorable in it. Give people something unique so that people want to discuss it with friends and family.

Perhaps your company has an unusual corporate culture, or you are unusually serving customers. Identify what makes your brand unique and use it.

Brand example
Old Spice perfectly combined the uniqueness and word of mouth in its advertising campaign The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. The campaign was a success – on the first day the video was watched 5.9 million times.

Famous brands that use alternative marketing
Create a motivated community on social networks
A close-knit community in social networks is also an important factor for successful word-of-mouth marketing.

Here, the knowledge of your audience plays a huge role – it is important to understand in which social network to communicate with users. Also learn what style of speech and humor the target audience likes.

Brand example
Thanks to activity on social networks, Emerson Salon was able to get more than 13,000 users on Twitter. The company shared blog posts on Facebook and Twitter, which increased traffic to the site.

They also involved users – asking for their opinions, giving discounts and actively responding to messages on social networks. As a result, 75% of the company’s customers come from the Internet.

How to increase the involvement of subscribers in social networks
Involve opinion leaders

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