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8 tips to increase online store sales

1. Make a mobile version of the store
Dilute product descriptions with mobile videos
One of the drawbacks of mobile online stores is their physical limitations (display size, audio, and readability). Therefore, optimize your mobile content to show your website in responsive design. Use standard HTML5 tags for video – this increases the chance that the visitor will be comfortable watching it.

Use the speed of the mobile version
Mobile online stores motivate to impulsive purchases – on Amazon, for example, you can buy goods in 1 click. The mobile shopping experience can be negative if the buttons do not work or it is inconvenient to press them.

Strategically plan and implement special discounts for visitors to the mobile version of the store to encourage you to buy or put goods in the basket. Later they will be able to buy it from a computer.

Make a mobile app
If you invest in developing a mobile application, your customers will have a more unique experience interacting with the product. In addition, your app will enjoy the added reputation of the App Store or Google Play Store. Thus, your business will become more significant in the eyes of customers. But if the budget is not enough, you do not need to spend all the money on the application. Do it later.

An example of a store with a good mobile version is Amazon Mobile:

Amazon store with mobile version

Not just an HTML5 site – a full-fledged mobile application;
Full integration of convenient browsing, product descriptions, photos, reviews and discounts;
Full account integration in the mobile version: wishlists, order tracking, 1-click orders, subscription and save options, and order history;
Multilingual site;
Additional options: price comparisons, barcode scanning.
2. Set up SEO processes
Imagine that you have an online store with hundreds or thousands of pages – you have to index a bunch of everything! First do this:

Prepare product and content templates to automate the SEO process on the page (titles, descriptions, alt tags, headers, etc.) This way you will enter data manually faster. Invest in a detailed keyword research and analysis of your site and competitor sites.
Set up analytics for all your campaigns, set sales funnels and goals by category.
Make sure your site has no duplicate content. Create completely unique page and product descriptions with relevant and descriptive keys. Duplicate content is one of the most common problems of large online stores.
Make a logical and practical plan for the site structure. Do not create dozens of tiered folders. Make sure your internal links reflect keyword research.
Make sure that the sitemap (sitemap.xml) is well designed. Create a lot of site maps for each category – this will help to keep track of the correct indexing. Do not forget about the image map of the site.
Copy Amazon’s technique on product pages. Put videos, ratings, reviews, and product examples on these pages to stand out from the competition.
Lay out your site with rich snippets.
Determine which pages are ranked higher and use the rel = ”canonical” tag to do this.
Make the link structure clear and understandable.
Do everything to increase page loading speed.
Create custom 404 pages.
Create a blog.
Create a forum.
And do not forget about basic SEO optimization for the mobile version of the site:

Reduced load times.
Using the canonical tag, which points to the corresponding page of the full version of the site, if you are using the mobile version on a subdomain.
The correct setting of redirects.
Alt text for pictures.
Also always pay attention to local search factors. To increase the search ranking, it is enough to indicate the correct addresses of local stores, product categories and do not overdo it with the keys.

Now let’s move on to site search and off-site SEO:

Search on the site
Starting position. Visitors come with a purpose; they know what product they want and are looking for it. Organization problems appear when the search is wider, for example, for something like shirts. What shirts are needed – red, blue, short or long sleeve?
If 30% of users who searched for shirts narrowed their search to blouses, then this search word should be contained in the local site search at the request of shirts and lead to blouses.

Search for confirmation. At this stage, the user almost found the right product, but he still had some doubts. To resolve them, he needs to read reviews, see ratings, product details, hidden commissions, the real size of the thing, quality. All this information should be on the page and be clearly visible.

Price. One of the decisive factors of the purchase. Make sure your prices are competitive, clear, and no hidden fees.

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