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How to optimize product pages on a site for sales growth

In theory, a product page is simple. You want to provide the ideal client with the right amount of information:

to help him buy the right product;
convince him that the product suits him.
To create a cool product page, you need to take into account 4 factors: product, brand, text style, page design and site user friendliness.

optimization of product pages

Your product is the center of the universe. But you must correctly imagine what you are selling. In addition, the description should take into account issues that customers may have before buying.

Consider 11 recommendations when filling out the product pages of your site.

1. Make a clear call to action
The product page has one goal: to stimulate the customer to click on the Buy (or Add to Cart) button. Therefore, Maria Bonello, director of development strategy at SMAKK Studios, recommends that you start with a call to action:

“The Add to Cart button is the most important component on the page. It should be different from the content around. The space around the button should be empty so that there is nothing to distract the user. The button should also be visible as soon as you enter the page. If the product description pushes the button down the browser window, you should start redesigning it. ”

Here is an example of a page that SMAKK Studios made for Wristology:

Make a clear call to action Screenshot from Wristology website

You see that the call to action button is in the center, on the first screen. There is nothing in this block of the page that would distract the user from the purchase.

One more tip: don’t try to come up with some kind of ornate call to action. Add to cart or place an order are great options.

2. Post good photos of goods
“My experience as a web designer taught me that in online stores people judge by appearance. So invest more in good photos, ”says Mark Perini, founder of ICEE Social.

Your products will also appear in the search. Therefore, make sure that you show yourself in the best possible light with the help of photographs.

3. Post the correct product photos
You can take photos of products in different ways. But do not forget that your products are unique. This means that their photos should be the same. Maria Bonello from SMAKK Studios shared how they focused on the important parts of the product using photography, advertising Chinese herbs.

“Dao Labs is a brand that creates traditional Chinese medicines for a western audience. The company came to us with its concept, and we were given the task to create a simple modern brand. This brand will show the audience that Chinese medicine is understandable, trustworthy, and essential for a balanced lifestyle.

When we started making product pages, we knew that the target audience would probably not be familiar with traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, we wanted to tell more about the product in order to breathe life into it. On each page of the product we talk about the benefits, use and history of the products in an understandable and accessible language. ”

4. Show product options with pictures
Naming product options (colors, smells) is a great way to revive them. But if you get too confused, your potential customers may not know how the “Blurred Landscape” color looks on a T-shirt. Is it pink, white, colorful or transparent?

Therefore, it is very important to illustrate options with pictures – this will increase the conversion on product pages.

5. Give enough details about the product to justify its price.
If you are selling an inexpensive product, you do not need to write as much about it as you would about a luxury product. But if you sell expensive products, consider this when composing texts for product pages.

“If you have a simple product with a high price, make sure that you justify this price. Carefully describe the material from which it is made, its history and how it was created, ”says Alan Schaffer, director of Bismuth Studios.

6. Provide sufficient information to customers
Your product and its price are two things that you need to build on when you think about the amount of content on a product page. But the most important factor is the customers.

You need to provide enough content for each client, regardless of whether they are already experts in what you are selling, or if they are only getting acquainted with your products

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