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How to make high-quality mailing of letters

When writing the article, I was inspired by the mailing lists of Megaplan, Glavred, Finolog, Mann, Ivanov and Ferber. I analyzed them and made recommendations for those who want to do a cool mailing list.

Do not believe those who invite you to paid lectures and promise to tell you how to do your own email newsletter, which will instantly increase conversion. There are no such formulas. You are wasting your time and money.

In order for the newsletter to be profitable, treat it as a separate product. To do this, you need to regularly make new letters, experiment with the format, look for interesting topics, constantly analyze and draw conclusions. You may need to hire a person who will only work on the newsletter.

Mark target
email marketing goal

Before you start the newsletter, figure out why this is for you.

The goals are different:

attract new customers
increase loyalty of existing
improve sales
increase traffic
educate customers
increase the reputation of the company, etc.
Do not start the newsletter just like that – just to run it. It costs money: you have to either pay extra for the work of full-time employees, or hire temporary specialists. If you are not ready to fully engage in the project, spend the money in vain and do not achieve the desired effect.

When you have determined why you need a newsletter, figure out who will be responsible for the project. For the project to grow and develop, it needs to be given a lot of time. Especially in the early stages.

Think Reader Benefits
useful mailing lists

An effective newsletter is one that people subscribe to themselves. To achieve this, letters must be beneficial to readers.

Think about how your mailing list will benefit; what is unique you offer to customers. Let’s say you are the owner of an electronic gadget store and are thinking about how to send out letters about technology. In this case, talk about the latest in the world of gadgets or help customers handle the equipment correctly.

Another example is the mailing list of the MIF publishing house: each letter is an overview of one new book and a complete list of new products at the end. If you like to read, for you this is a chance to find something for yourself or for a gift to friends. To make it easier to choose, editors compose a description for each book.

Another – the distribution of Glavred. This is a weekly article on how to write powerful lyrics. A useful action is to learn to write better: what to pay attention to, how to edit text, which words are better not to use, etc.

Useful and informative letters form a loyal audience and create a reputation for the company. The main thing – be careful with advertising. People feel when they are trying to impose something, even if it is written between the lines. First, let’s benefit, and then advertising.

Organize work
email scheduling

To make the work more efficient, choose the appropriate format, think over the frequency and draw up an editorial plan. You do not have to think about the subject of a new letter every time, and customers will know what to expect from the newsletter.

Think about which format is closer to you and your customers may like. The newsletter can be in the format of an advertising review, digest, tips, articles on general topics, video lessons or even comics. If desired, select several options and watch how readers react to different letters. About what to look at, I will tell below.

If you come up with several formats, alternate them. Continuing the analogy with the gadget store, it will be logical to send reviews and comparisons of equipment from different manufacturers, digests of new products from the world of technology, life hacks and training letters.

When you have decided on the format, think about how often the newsletter will be released. Letters can be sent every week, once or twice a month. Think about which frequency is right for you.

At first experiment with the frequency. If you sent letters twice a month, start sending once a week and watch how often people unsubscribe. In the future, develop a system. If you decide to send by letter per week, calculate the time so as to be in time on time without sacrificing quality.

Editorial plan
This is another way to organize the work on the newsletter. Usually this is a document where the newsletter editor writes down topics for future letters, a brief description of the publication, deadline, author, etc. Such a plan is useful if the mailing list has several formats and you want to structure your work.

Make a redplan so that you can look there at any time and understand at what stage the work on the next letter is: what topic, who writes it, what will be in the letter and how much is the text ready. Indicate in it those points that you consider important.

To make a redplan, it is not necessary to contact a copywriting agency. To get started, simply sketch out topics for future letters, but more. So you do not have to think about what to write the day before the newsletter.

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